Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Happy NEW year everybody

This marks the start of a concept which  I spoke about on my Face Book page. 

I call it the Y2K 2015 Inspiration and Awesome Book Tour. It's main function will be to promote my work and the work of others when necessary. So here we go. .

On 7th January 2015 BIS Publications launched the writing exploits  of another Self Published author by the name of Mbeke Waseme. She has authored the new book 'Make The Change And Feel The Joy'.

I was at her Book Launch at the 25 Red Lion road venue in Holborn. It was a great event. 

My congratulations go to her once again.
Me, the author Mbeke Waseme & my self publishing coach Mr. Williams


But, moving on from all that I have just discovered that this month might require some more planning. That's with regard to the  Road shows and anything else I do.  

I therefore have decided to make a list of things I will need to do in order to achieve my aim to stay on top this year. And, it's paying off because a couple of things will be happening with the Rattlesnake in the next few weeks. 

In the interim I will be scouting out some local reading groups and radio shows to sample my work. I know all this and more will be quite interesting. Because it's leading somewhere. A pathway to Self Publishing success. 

There will be other mini projects in the pipeline. 

I know for a fact there's another young lady waiting to work her magic on the Rattlesnake. Her name will be concealed at this point. But all will be revealed. You guys had better watch out for this feature because it is going to happen and that's why I'm going to write about her exploits on my blog. And, lastly, I have always been regarded as an underdog.


I might be good at what I do. But, the truth is I am an underdog. I love living on the edge and you would too if you were in my shoes. I have always played for high stakes. That's why I intend to work very hard this year. Hey, I've got news for you. Mr Inspiration has got work to do. Stay safe!

NB: In my next piece I will discuss the future of my promotional tools. Cheers. 
Hi Everyone,

New Adventures....

Merry Xmas Gang!

I really enjoyed promoting my work and working with others this year. But, I'm going to pursue new endeavors next year.  I intend to promote my work in more libraries. Nothing's been fixed yet. But everyone will get an update on this. I intend to work with a couple of schools. 

Again,nothing has been set in stone just yet. And, I will work with community organisations and creative writing groups. I'm going to display more inspirational work using different sources of inspiration and the art of creativity which will include a new facet. Motivational skills. But, more importantly, I will focus on the sequel to my best selling Black Thriller novel Snake Amongst Shadows.That's coming soon. So, watch out for it. Have a great new year everyone. But remember Stay Safe!


The Rattlesnake and the Blogger

Chidimma Ezechukwu is a new blogger on the blogging scene. She launched her blog online a few weeks ago. I must say she's really good at what she does. She is a Nigerian graduate who seems to have a journalistic flair for covering the news around the world including her home country Nigeria. Chidimma studied computer science at  Anambra State University in Nigeria. She also covers events,entertainment,lifestyle, fashion, sports, inspiration and gossip.

So what is the gossip right now? She has offered to promote my book Snake Amongst Shadows. Well, that sounds fantastic! 

So here come the troops. Chidimma is just one of so many. I'm sure there will be  more. I really can't wait to promote my book and my life's work on her blog because i know I will feel very much at home@EzechukwuChidimma's 
which is her blogspot address. So, despite all this what else does she do? I won't be able to divulge that right now. But I can gladly say to you lot  it's good to know writing does run in the family.

Welcome on board the S.A.S Road Show  Chidimma. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

The Advertisement

It  takes a new kind of crusade to rid  the streets of crime.
Only one man is crazy enough to dare the odds. 

Who is he and is he really whom he claims to be?

Find out in the explosive sequel to my best selling Black Thriller novel

Snake Amongst Shadows

It's coming. Soon!!!